• Scan

    Documents via an attached device, or import files from your PC.

  • Store

    Using fields, that you can define, adds search details to the document.

  • Search

    For any term the document was saved with, as much or as little.

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The Features

Practicle and Functional. Not to Dazzel or Confuse.

Scan Offline

Find yourself off-site without an internet connection and have paper work to scan, then carry on and upload your pre-scanned items when back home

Unlimited Users (cloud)

Assign as many users access to your account


Store and view PDF files in their native format


Compatible with USB scanners. Using our scan tool to start or configure your scanner to send files to Mangofile

Auto Upload (cloud)

Scanned images are uploaded and sent to your cloud in-tray for you automatically, no configuration required

Up-to-date (cloud)

Always using the latest version of software

Audit Trail

Keep tabs on documents which have been stored, exported or deleted

Multi-Function Devices (MFD)

Use a home/office copier to send scanned images via the copiers FTP function when scanning to upload direct to users in-trays

Quick Search

No complicated search methods or directions, instantly search and retrieve

User Rights

Assign key user access and function rights to individual cabinets


Create multiple cabinets, for different types of files; i.e HR records will have different fields to Invoices

Free Support (cloud)

Your covered; email, ticket, remote or phone support

*** In Development for Cloud ***


Link and use Dropbox as another in-tray and save files into Mangofile


Save emails directly from your email account. And also send files via email directly out of Mangofile


Add automation by automatically processing and saving scanned paper


Connect into other available databases in your business to retrieve and auto populate other fields based on a unique field

Auto Index Files

Add automation by using the file names as the index criteria to save into Mangofile


Send documents through departs for approval and sign-offs