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Where we are and Funding

It's only right we bring you all up to speed and where we are along with why the long wait for our new service to materialise.

We have been happily running Mangofile as a very small business, be it over a very long time frame since 1991. Today we employ no more than 4 full time staff and additional contracts when we have the work to do so. We don’t have any stock pile of cash and are at the mercy of larger organisations paying us within a finite window.

Our day to day business with our current software (Mangofile v5) gives us some small momentum, momentum which leaves very little available for secondary projects such as our Cloud application.

We tightened up everywhere we could and spent tens of thousands on the Cloud product that we see today and it’s ready for release, but, we have one last bill to pay. This bill that’s lets us take the application and make it available to you.

Many of our current plans have relied heavily on third parties which have failed to materialise or are just stalling. We do not ’fit’ with any funding or grants tried thus far which the whole world shouts about.

We thank those so far for keeping in touch and asking the questions. If in the meantime anyone wishes to donate or talk to us then please do we’re open to suggestions or more.

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