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The Beginning

Here we are, it's been a long road, a rough disused track at best.

We’re here with a fresh new look and product to boot, a great new development team to keep up the good work and a list of features to add over the coming year. So keep an eye out, we have more to come.

Not to dwell on the past, but few may know of us for our previous client based products, installed locally to a user’s PC and/or server. This for us was a challenging product to maintain, it seemed every system developing unique issues; handling policies with permissions and a huge range of systems with the same variation in local support, the time begin spent with the small resources we had hurt our customer base.
It was decided things had to change, to maintain a single instance, one location, one system, a single point where no nasty surprises lay in wait. We can now put our whole team effort into building a product which scales up, and not hunting for and fixing other IT systems.

Mangofile Cloud can now focus on bringing feature after feature, which everyone can experience at the same time. You the user can now work on the latest and fastest servers available, not having to worry about your own system stability. The room for expansion where the sky or ‘cloud’ is the limit (pun poorly intended).

We're not a large corporation, but humbly with a hand full of employees, we are in an impressive position to focus on you and the product, not to impress a board or bosses, but to succeed where many small business have done so before us… This is only the beginning of something much bigger.

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