It's all about the paper

  • Stay in Business

    Half of Britain’s small businesses have no formal procedures in place that would allow them to keep trading in the event of a disaster, be it fire, theft or water damage, we keep all your paperwork off-site and accessible anywhere anytime.

  • On-demand Software

    Also known as Software as a Service or SaaS for short. Mangofile is subscription based, centrally hosted and has the potential to reduce IT support costs. Already incorporated into the strategy of leading enterprise software companies.

  • You're Always Up-to-Date

    We take the hassle and headaches for keeping the hardware and software up to date. Which means you don’t get left behind when it comes to you most important paperwork and documents.

  • £17,000.00

    The cost to fill a simple four draw filing cabinet, then £1,500 per year to maintain. Every document you file costs £14 and on average referred to once every 2 years. 12% -15% of revenue just managing your business processes.

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How Does it Work?

Mangofile is an easy way to find paper.
We're overwhelmed with recipts and bills, posted or electronicly sent to us on a daily basis. To find it, you first need to store it, this is key.

Scan it, or drag and drop files into it.
You don't save it with a single file name, as with all the others, you Index it using an index card, which is your own individual index - 2 to 5 fileds are optimal.

Now your document is stored, you need to find and retrieve it.
Using the same index card as above when saving, fill out as much or as little of the index card based on your search critiria.
You'll now get a list of records based on your search details.

Simplity with Power


Tracking, shipping, customers. Check signatures from deliveries made last week, last month or last year in seconds, proof of delivery covered for years to come.


Keep track of employee sick notes, disciplinaries, certificates and even thier positive feedbacks.

General Bills

Keep track of all your bills, whether it's sent on paper or in PDF. Avaliable for reference or any unfortunate disputes. Could even track price changes.


For everything else that you have to keep, and annoyingly takes up space. If you're a business, you'll be paying for that space.